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About Bob Mathis School

Bob Mathis Elementary School is located in the heart of south DeKalb County and is known for its sound educational program and the strong community that supports the school. The faculty at Bob Mathis Elementary is dedicated to providing students with an excellent educational foundation in an environment which nourishes and cultivates their greatest potential.
Our parents are welcomed and appreciated and a necessary support group in the overall daily operation of the school. Bob Mathis Elementary School students, parents, and staff work together in a unified fashion and accomplish a great deal.
School Vision
Bob Mathis Elementary will achieve success in every classroom by preparing students to become lifelong learners in a diverse society.
School Mission
Bob Mathis Elementary's mission is to maximize students' potential by preparing them to be academically and socially successful in a global society.
School Values
Bob Mathis Elementary School will:
  • value and promote parental involvement
  • honor universal human rights
  • hold  high expectations for ALL
  • regard quality public education as essential
  • contribute to the common good of our community
  • commit to using best practices and research to create a curriculum, which is relevant, challenging, and engaging to students
Unique Assets
Bob Mathis Elementary School is unique with its population and community support. Teamwork is a major component of the efforts to achieve the vision and to accomplish the school's mission. Bob Mathis is a pilot school for EPA for the state of Georgia and the National Walk to School Campaign.  The staff accepts the challenges that each day offers and takes ownership in the school and the children. Evidence of the ownership is one unique attribute of Bob Mathis.

Bob Mathis PTA supports our annual Honors Day program; trophies and certificates are awarded to all students who made the Honor Roll and Principal's List.  A T & T Pioneers support our school and students by providing school supplies, dictionaries, and volunteers.
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